Voters cast ballots for next mayor, sick leave, other races

Polls at various locations across the metro opened at 7 a.m. and closed at 7 p.m. Voters had seven candidates to select from Michelle Garcia Holmes, Brian Colón, Susan Wheeler-Deichsel, Tim Keller, Dan Lewis, Gus Pedrotty and Wayne Johnson. An eighth candidate, Ricardo Chavez, dropped out of the race but his name still appears on the ballot.

The election is a nonpartisan race. To read more about each candidate, click here for their candidate profiles:

Should no one candidate reach more than 50 percent of the vote, a runoff election will occur between the top two finishers. Recent polling leading up to the election showed no candidate had reached that threshold. That would take place in November.

Two voters told KOB’s Brittany Costello crime was a primary concern for them in this election.

"I’m looking for someone who can make Albuquerque safer, and I am looking for greater police coverage," said Paul May, a voter at the Don-Newton Taylor Ranch Community Center. "I would like cars and property to stop getting stolen. I’d like to be able to tell people to come to Albuquerque because right now I tell everyone not to come to Albuquerque."

"I think we’re at a crossroads," added another voter, Rick Giron. "One of the main things is the crime issue. … Every day you see articles in the paper [that] we’re number one in crime and property."

Officials at that location said they saw a steady stream of voters throughout the day.

Also up for vote was a proposed healthy workforce initiative, which would require businesses to grant paid time off for sick leave. To read the ordinance, click here:

It’s prompted a robust debate among supporters and opponents. Those backing the ordinance believe employees should be forced to choose between their work and their health, while opponents say it will negatively affect businesses by putting a financial strain on them.

Other items on the ballot include five city council district races and several bond questions.

Live poll results can be found here:

We’ve also posted more information about the election, along with in-depth reports about the key issue in this election — crime — at Click here for more:

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