Rock Climbing Enthusiasts Converge on Albuquerque

Rock Climbing Enthusiasts Web Staff

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Rock climbers from all across the country faced off in Albuquerque on Saturday, participating in the Yank n’ Yard competition at Stone Age Climbing Gym.

The competition was hosted by USA Climbing. Participants took on short but difficult courses as a packed house cheered them on.

Organizers say hosting the contest is a big win for the city.

“This is huge for Albuquerque,” said Stone Age Gym Owner Bryan Pletta. “I mean, Albuquerque is kind of a small market but we put on a great comp. And USA Climbing knows that we do, so they’ve come back for the second year in a row. We’re only one of two venues that they’ve actually asked back to do a second event for them.”

The top eight Yank n’ Yard competitors split a $10,000 grand prize. Competitors will go on to face off in three more competitions around the country, with the finalists competing in Salt Lake City at the event’s end.

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