Owners of Albuquerque Restaurant Offer to Pay College Tuition for All Employees

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The owners of Nick and Jimmy’s are offering to pay their current and future employees college tuition in full.

“We did it because we thought it was a necessity to try and help our community because without the help of the community we wouldn’t be where we’re at,” said Nick Kapnison.

There are currently four students that will have their tuition paid for this fall. Marti Barnett, who is currently a bartender and server and Nick and Jimmy’s, is one of them.

“I’m one semester away from getting my degree and it would’ve cost me so much money and so much time to go back,” said Barnett.

Barnett says she was in disbelief when she found out and still has trouble believing this is real.

“We see them give back to the community in a lot of ways but to actually be on the receiving end of something so amazing is quite a blessing,” said Barnett.

Of course, there are conditions:

Work six months before entering the program Working 40 hours a week for the six month period Pass a drug test Once in the program, maintain a 29 hour work week while attending an accredited higher learning or trade school

Right now, Central New Mexico Community College is the only college covered by this offer. However, they plan to soon cover classes at the University of New Mexico. They are also paying tuition for trade schools.

“They don’t want to go to college? Fine. Go learn to be a mechanic, go learn something else. We’ll pay your tuition for that,” said Kapnison.

Employees at any of these five restaurants are eligible: Nick and Jimmy’s Restaurant, El Patron, Mykonos Restaurant, Kaps Coffee Shop and Diner and Nob Hill Bar & Grill.

If you have questions about the program, email NickKap@aol.com.

If you would like to apply, call Nick and Jimmy’s at (505) 344-9169.

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