Bobcat spotted on Albuquerque’s west side

Eddie Garcia

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Shortly after two bears were spotted in the northwest area of the metro, residents have caught a glimpse of yet another wild animal. Only this time, it wasn’t a bear.

Anita Bruce didn’t believe her husband Wednesday evening. She thought he was telling a tall tale

"My husband came in and said there’s a bobcat in the front yard. Of course, I didn’t believe him," she said. "I went to the security cameras and then I saw this guy walking across. And sure enough, big bobcat."

The video showed the bobcat in the family’s front yard near Unser and Montano, clear as day.

"The bobcat went into my neighbor’s backyard, jumped onto this 6-foot wall like nothing," Bruce said. "Wound up jumping into another neighbor’s yard."

The bobcat seemed right at home, just trotting around like he owns the place. He even had a stare-down with a neighbor’s cat.

"I did get a little concerned that it was close by," Bruce said. "… I talked to the guy from Game and Fish, and he says it probably lives in this neighborhood because it’s very comfortable being around noises and people."

Bobcats are known to dine on rodents, rabbits, quail, deer and insects, according to New Mexico Game and Fish. If you encounter a bobcat in your yard, stay indoors and leave it alone. Make sure to keep pets and children safely away.

"When he goes back in this area, there are two chairs there where I hang out and read," Bruce said. "Hopefully, this is a one-time incident and we’re not going to see him again."

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